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becanne is a digital magazine dedicated to the demoscene world. Along of years was habitual to know news and information of this pillow through the different diskmagz (magazines in disquette format). This magazines morover the lastest news, contains interviews with the famous persons of this world (coders, graphicians, musicians...), reports of the parties (events where the people of this movement was assembled regularly), as well as all kind of articles and tutorials.

Time was changing things and the emergence of internet put websites dedicated over the disk magazines (diskmagz) due the need of quick information. Even actually resists some examples of this oldies friends of road like Hugi or Pain, that still being edited in the old way, but now in compressed format (zip, rar), for a better convenience.

becanne borns with the goal of being a kind of modern diskmagz. Without the necessity of offers news continuosly, treat to give different contents forehead the websites information and other digital productions. Edited in a paper magazine way and made it in PDF format for more suitability between platforms, it's actually centered in the spanish movement, without omit the rest of the demoscene news, productions and groups.

If you want to know how is the demoscene and all that is enclosed it, you can visit the notebook section, where find some interesting links, recent news and the lastest productions.

To read the last number of the magazine, you only need a program that read archives in PDF format (Acrobat Reader for example). If you want to realize some article or help us, only have to visit the how to collaborate section and last, if you want to send us any doubt, request or criticism, please use the contact section.

Thansk for visit this website.
The editorial staff.

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This magazine hasn't immovable sections, but generally you can find news, opinion articles or interview of demoscene people, reports of recent national or international parties, and even tutorials about programming, graphic design or music composition.

To collaborate in becanne, you only need to send us an e-mail to and tell us what you gonna do (article, interview...), before to realize it. We do it in this way for ensure that your article will be released, because maybe, someone has made a similar article or the edition of the issue was closed and you must wait for the next number.

Once you contact us, we indicate you how to realice the article, but is enough if you send us a Word or text document (correct spelling if it's possible). The article's lenght depends if is an interview, report or an opinion article, but don't worry because we tell you this. Actually (you can use like reference), a page writed in Word, if you can't change the font that appears by defect (a 12 points Time New Roman) its agree with a becanne's page.

The articles has photos and images of people or screen captures of productions and programs that usually use to make the code, graphics or music of them. The size of these photos and images must be enough big, specially if it's the first page of the article. A photography made in a 2272 x 1704 pixels resolution is the best solution for this kind of photo, but usually is enough witha a 1600 x 1200 pixels photo if your digital camera can make a 3 or 4 megapixels shoot. If you have a normal camera, you must scan the negative or the photo with a 150 dots per inch resolution. For the rest of images is not necessary this instructions. Always depends of every article or new, but please, always will be more easy if you can do it with the bigger and better quality.

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becanne 04
becanne 04 [Feb.2005]


becanne 04 [february 2005] [PDF - 4,0 Mb]
40 pages - english
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becanne 03 [october 2004] [PDF - 8,1 Mb]
84 pages - spanish
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becanne 02 [june 2004] [PDF - 3,5 Mb]
56 pages - spanish
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becanne 01 [february 2004] [PDF - 8,8 Mb]
34 pages - spanish
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Orange Juice
Proyecto Euler - demuestra lo que haces
Party Spain

Inside of every issue of becanne you can find a notebook with addresses of the next parties with demoscene presence, moreover some interesting links.

For newcomers that disclaim what is demoscene and are interested in this pillow, here is a little list of interesting websites:

Websites with News, Lastest Productions and Updated Information

Websites of Spanish Parties with demoscene people

Other Websites

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If you want to comment something about the magazine, you can do it in the Forum dedicated to becanne (spanish), or put your opinion in Puet searching by "becanne".

If you want to collaborate with this magazine, or contact with us, only have to write an e-mail to We will proud to receive any doubt, suggestion or critique about becanne.

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