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becanne 04
becanne 04 [Feb.2005]
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becanne 03 [Oct.2004]
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becanne 02 [Jun.2004]
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becanne 01 [Feb.2004]

17.02.2005 - becanne 04
Well, the first issue of becanne in english is out now!. Run and get it from download section.

12.12.2004 - a couple of things...
Like you are watching now, this site was translated to english. Thanks to Fernando López and Mirna Olivera for the help me.

Other. Since the last days of november, you can find in Pöuet a new forum about becanne inside of BBS. Thanks to ps^TPOLM. You can put your opinion pressing here.

The last. If you visit any of the forums in Pöuet or, you can view that becanne is looking for new editors... if you are interested in these question, use the contact section.

11.29.2004 - some recent news
The first is that becanne 04 will be edited in english finally. It was a hard decision and its have a bigger amount of work for me in the first days of editing. I hope that with the help of the people, we could relase the magazine again with the same quality of the past numbers.

The third and last was the becanne's conference during the last BCN Party. Was a positive experience for me (Humphrey) to explain how it made the magazine and express the coming future of it.

If you want, you can download the complete conference saved it in DivX format inside of scenesp servers. Press here if you want to download the archive. It's entirely in spanish, but I hope to translate it and make subtitles in english in few days...

10.04.2004 - becanne 03 is out!
Well, after summer holidays, confused deadlines, the Euskal Encounter 12, starting in a new job, less free time and less sleep, here it's at last the becanne third issue.

Once again, as in a masochist perversion, we have broken our record: 84 pages. I always wanted a small magazine for a fast reading and to keep the readers waiting for more... but now this is becoming a big little monster! :))

Just a few more words... go to the download section to read the magazine. Of course if you want to give us your opinion you can contact us just by pressing here. Enjoy it!

09.30.2004 - becanne in the BCN Party.
Confirmed! Besides attending the BCN Party, as usual, this year we will join in. During the Party, inside the 2nd Stage program, there will be a colloquium talk about the magazine edition process and its future.

Do you want more info? Just visit BCN Party website.

06.16.2004 - A new book about the Demoscene.
Demoscene: The art of Real-Time is the title of the first book devoted to the demoscene movement. Published by EvenLakeStudios and the wellknown members of the 72 pages book (in English) is a little study, full of pictures and details, that explains to the newcomers all about the demoscene. Moreover, this weekend, you can find it in SONAR 2004. You'll have the opportunity to read it and, if you like it, to buy the book. If you want more info, just press here.

05.31.2004 - becanne 02 online.
With a 15 days delay, due to problems with the reception of an article, you can download the second issue of the magazine, specially devoted to parties. In this issue you have nearly twice as much pages (56 pages instead of 34) as in the first one.

Scalling font problems that you have noticed are now fixed because this issue has been made with Quark (I HATE QUARK!!), this is one of the reasons that have contributed to the small size of the final file. I'm thinking of using In Design for the next issue (wow! each issue with a different program!).

Thanks a lot to all the people that collaborated in the magazine, specially toago^Concept for writting the tutorial in a very short period of time: a wonderful selfless effort. Thanks man!

Go to the download section to download the magazine. If you want to give us your opinion, visit the forums from or send an email to

We hope that you enjoy the mag!

05.31.2004 - website online.
Well, I had a bit of time to make this website. I know, I know, it is not a "super-web", but, at least, it is useful until I have more time to do something better. In the future I want to post news and, maybe, the download section will be full of more tasteful contents for all people. ;)

04.15.2004 - Articles deadline.
Today is the deadline to send articles for the second issue of becanne. In a few days, and if Quark is good with me, I hope that I will have finished the new issue and you can read it... I guess that it will be bigger than the previous one... =8)

03.01.2004 - More than 1000 donwloads.
The first issue of becanne has reached 1000 downloads only in server (I had no time to look at the other servers). I don't know yet how this is possible... How many people are we in Spain? Only 200? :D

On the other hand, I started to play with Quark. It's not very clear. In some aspects it is a very weird program, besides it has a great potential to manage fonts and big pictures... Let's see!

02.15.2004 - it works!
I've solved the problems with the generic email of becanne and it works:, but it will be in testing for a while. If you have problems, try

01.27.2004 - becanne has born
After three months of hard work, a video card death, and a lot of cooperation of all kinds, I made a new "diskmagz"... but it is not exactly what we are used to.

I want to thank all the people that have helped me and supported me all this time, all the people that saved me in the last moment, that wrote articles, made pictures, gave me advice... etc. Search yourself in the magazine, I didn't forget you!

I want to especially thank sml^Fuzzion for offering me a little web space in while I'm trying to make a website for the magazine, and, of course, for the forum where you can give me comments and doubts.

If you want to give us an opinion about the mag, just click here.

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